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The new Observer begins now

Introducing the new Observer platform for public transport infrastructure management, monitoring, and remote control

Maintenance management

Plan, track, and manage your maintenance activities in the most efficient way with access to critical information on the move.

See entire servicing history for every single system in your network.

Remote monitoring and control

Be informed about any system alarms and check detailed system status online from the control center as well as from your mobile phone.

Remotely operate and configure your infrastructure. From activating the switch heating based on weather forecast to quick disconnection of catenary section in case of urgent need.

Electronic checklists

Make your team follow the right steps for installation and maintenance activities and record any work done in a uniform format. Create your own checklists using the checklist editor and boost productivity today.

Point machines condition monitoring

Identify a failure even before the failure occurs with smart online data analysis and reduce the need for point machines preventive maintenance.

Catenary voltage monitoring

Identify weak points in your catenary network by precise measurements of catenary voltage with smart data analysis.

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We wish you all the best in the new year 2019!

We are excited that you are in tech with us.
We have some great new stuff for you in 2019. Enjoy it!

Observer is here

Already since last year but now packed with new features, Observer - the platform for infrastructure condition monitoring and asset management - is here. Connect your signaling systems, point machines, trolleybus switches, catenary network, and other systems and see how technical issues are communicated online, professionally resolved, and properly documented.

Alarms are getting smarter

Observer is getting smarter alarms that utilize long-term historical data for predicting imminent failure of system components. A tram point machine that starts changing its behavior over time, a catenary section that suddenly has frequent voltage peaks. You name it. And you actually can as these alarms can be configured especially for you.

Visualization editor

A user-friendly visualization editor is being added into Observer, allowing you to create your own entire network visualization and add various system elements. A rich library of tramway and trolleybus infrastructure elements is of course included (switch points, track circuits, signals, VETRA, VECOM, and beyond). Even a possibility for creating your own elements is planned in the near future. You can add systems of any manufacturer, you can even create multiple visualizations, adding e.g. signaling systems, catenary network, and power supply systems. All these visualizations automatically become compatible also with mobile phones and tablets.

Smoothly compatible with SCADA

Observer is getting very smoothly compatible with your existing SCADA network thanks to an open OPC UA interface. Enjoy the benefits of modern Observer system even on your mobile device when on the move while keeping your remote monitoring and control backwards compatible with your SCADA.

And much more

We have also a couple of surprises to be introduced during the year.
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